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Where it All Started

Where it all Started, Eco Atlantic Adventures and Mulroy Bay Adventure Race, where plans were hatched, 1st solo kayak, kayaking out each morning to work from the corner of my father’s farm, where it runs onto Mulroy Bay, known locally as “The Ministers Bray”
To have spent my youth here, days learning to swim, just down from the phone box, where the locals would meet on a high tide on warm summer days.
It’s only now I realise how lucky I am to have grown up here and to have this on my doorstep during these times.
I have being Operating my business on Mulroy Bay since 2014.
Eco Atlantic Adventures was born here and like a single seed of a tree it developed organically, branched out and expanded, like every tree, some years of growth are greater than others.
This may be a year of little growth, of very little anything, but it doesnt stop the thinking, learning, planning, education and personal development.
Mulroy Bay will always be here, but protecting it and looking after it for our children & our children’s children is paramount.
Mulroy Bay is Still & Calm at its source and Fast & Powerful at its Mouth, the second fastest inland waterway in Europe.
For ever day a new lesson to learn. Respect the power of the sea, Safety 1st, Know your ability, upskill where possible, take a lesson or undertake a course, its money well spent.

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