Races This Year


Shamrock Cycle Challenge March 27th March 2016 45 Mile Charity Cycle

Glen Duathlon on 23rd April 2016 3k Run, 23k Cycle, 3k Run

or 3k Run & 26k Cycle ( Cycle Finish)

Mulroy Bay Adventure Race 23k 11th June 2016, 7.6k Run, 1.4k Kayak, 1k Run, 12.8k Cycle, 100 Meter Run Finish

Lough Fern Adventure Race 29k 16th July 2016, 6.7k Run, 1.2k Kayak, 20k Cycle, 1K Run Finish

New Adventure Race 30th July 2016, Info to be finalized, Dunfanaghy

Lough Swilly Adventure Race 28k  29th August 2016, 5k Run, 1.2k Kayak, 21k Cycle, 0.8k Run

Mulroy Bay Adventure Race 46k 8th October 2016, 9.5k run, 1.4k Kayak 6.1k Cycle 2.8k Hill Run 25.6k cycle 0.7k Run Finish

Couch to Mulroy Bay

Training Programme for MBAR will be Starting Monday 6th, for further details see Training

Adventure Race Training Day

Adventure Race Training Dates


March 19th 2016, 4k Run, 1k Kayak, 20k Cycle 1k Run
April 16th 2016, 6k Run, 2k kayak, 30k Cycle, 1k Run
May 7th 2016, 10k Run, 2k kayak 45k Cycle, 1k Run
All Training Days are Based from Woodquarter Pier Starting at 1pm

Get in on the Action Mulroy Bay 23K & 46K

Get 2014 of to a great start, Sort out the Bucket List No 1, set yourself a challange, A Must Do MBAR 23k Adventure Race.

Get your training in gear for a Race

Take up the challenge, Mulroy Bay Adventure Race, 7.6km run, 1.4 km Kayak, 12.5km Cycle & a 100 meter run for good luck to the finish.

In conjunction with Cranford Fitness and Cranford Community Centre and Cranford Football Club the Mulroy Bay Adventure race will be run again this year 7th june 2014, the race was a great success the past 2 years, so if you are looking for a challenge for 2014 or you are hoping to get fit then this is a great goal to train towards.

Many Thanks to all who gave up their time to come help out and to all who took part, without you the event would not have happened, Thank You.